The People of the Mountain have had their past stolen. The men of Lexim had owned and traded dwarves for over five hundred years before the Sky People convinced Lexim to free them. Dwarves have a long history of heroes and fables amongst their people that roughly explain their way of life and values, but have no real religion of their own, or language, or writing. All of these things were stripped from them long ago.

Dwarves have taken to their freedom well. The lands in their traditional homes of the mountains are harsh, but dwarves are used to harsh living conditions. Thanks to their still-used skill with stonework, the dwarves are already making monuments to their heroes and delving back into the mountain halls their people once knew as home.


Elves are a mystery. About three hundred years ago, when men were scouting forests in the southern Wildlands, they came across a group of elves hunting. This led to many quick but decisive conflicts wherein humans were handily defeated by the more advanced and civilized elves. After some diplomacy, elves soon took on the role of tutor, kindly showing humanity how to better work within this now wild world. They were instrumental in The Western Sea Accord which saw the dwarves freed.

Elves have integrated themselves into society in some ways, but not fully. Most elves are detached and aloof, and spend extended periods of years or decades out of the realms and cities of humanity. This is more true lately, and populations of elven communities within the kingdom’s borders have begun to dwindle in the past few years.


Humans are the prevailing population of the New World. Risen from the people of the Age of Darkness, humans were helped by the elves to end their brutish, slave-trading ways. Humans have, in the past few hundred years, begun to rebuild their once proud nation and adopted a monotheistic religion based on tolerance and temperance. Though they have a rough history with the dwarves, who they only freed from unilateral slavery a couple of generations ago, humans now strive to be the light on a dark and brutal world.


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