The Church of The One

The overwhelming majority of people in and around Lexim worship “The One”, which refers to the nameless god who rose up and defeated the pantheon of pagan deities people worshipped in the past. His rule led to an era of peace and learning that men hadn’t seen since the time of Orul. The Church is known to be a powerful organization at its highest ranks, since divine right is what allows the kings to rule. In the lower, more personal areas of the Church, people find charity, relief, and hope.

Cult of The Enlightened

There are whispers. People speak of an organization of men and women who do not heed the call of The One. The so-called ‘Enlightened’ are dismissed as a cult of demon worshippers and madmen, listening to voices in the night. It’s said that The Enlightened exist in the upper reaches of society, almost as if it’s only a rich man’s game or diversion.

Nature Spirits

Primarily worshipped by the elves, the spirits of the forests, rivers, rocks, wind, and the rest of the natural world, have all but vanished. Elven scholars don’t share information with humans or dwarves at the best of times, and this subject is even touchier than most. Perhaps the disappearance of these spirits is part of what has driven the disappearance most of the elves.

Pagan Gods

The old gods of the ancient world. If the Word of The One were to be believed, humans and dwarves had a different god for almost every aspect of daily life. These gods were fickle and powerful beings according to the backward minds of these people of the past, creating all of the happiness, strife, light, and darkness in the world. The One showed mankind the way to make his own destiny, and so the Pagan Gods died and vanished into obscurity.

Dark Powers, Witchcraft

Demons escape the watchful eye of The One from time to time, tempting mortals with power and secrets. Witches of all kinds are believed to exist, and use their power to destroy lives and crash communities. The Brotherhood of Saint Imecius was created to rout out these vile creatures, and often succeeds, but it seems for every witch put to The Light, two more crop up in remote communities or even in Lexim City itself!


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